June 15th, New MoonĀ@By Maisa/Takashi Masaki

I am embarrassed as I am very often asked "what are you going to do now?" At a loss, I usually give them meaningless answers. But I have been pondering often, "What will happen from now?"

A grounding movement is about to be born. Touched by the current state of affairs in our society and environment, this spontaneous movement that is gaining shape among the young -- I call it grounding.

The young people of the 60's dropped out from their society and created a counter-culture such as rock and psychedelic art. The young people of today is in the process of grounding themselves, thus creating a new culture that can be called grounding culture. It is likely to become the matrix for 9aid and Stop 6kasho movements.

To ground ourselves -- that was the theme for The Walk/Pilgrimage. What is grounding? The concept became clearer as the Walk progressed. So, back to the beginning, if I am to answer to the question "what are you going to do now?" I tell you that I have a strong desire to write about "grounding". If I may write a very brief preview about that, I would spell it "going back to Nature" and read it "grounding". Grounding is going back to the Mother Nature. It is shifting our identity from a human standpoint into the Mother Nature's point of view. I feel that Earth can then be brought back to life.

Crossing deep waters to the lap of the Mother
Crossing the rainbow to the Mother's breasts
Planting trees and praying to the Mother's forest
Lighting the tears and praying to the Mother's seas
Civilization turns back to the Mother's feet
World goes back to the Mother's side.

June 14th, 2007,
Program for June 22 for the Walk 9 events in Rokkashomura

Walk 9 left Iwate prefecture and arrived in Hachinohe today. We are finally in Aomori prefecture. I have no idea how many people will be there on the summer solstice, when the Walk will reach its final goal. But I wanted to prepare the place as best as I could, so I drove to Rokkashomura and was there in the last 2 days.

1) Walk 9 is expected to arrive in Rokkashomura on June 17th. The plan following that date is described below:
June 17th Walk 9 will arrive in the beach of Rokkashomura
June 18th and 19th Preparations for the tree planting event on June 22
Members will stay at "Hana to Hahbu no Sato" until June 22
June 20th and 21st Walking through Rokkashomura, where the Nuclear Waste Recycling Plant is, to the foothills of Fukkoshieboshi
June 22nd Climbing the Fukkoshieboshi where the Walk 9 will end. Tree planting ceremony, candle night event
June 23rd and 24th Joining Earth Day Rokkashomura

2) Fukkoshieboshi, the finishing point of Walk 9 is in the northern border of Rokkashomura. There is a panoramic view of Rokkashomura at 500m above sea level. The walk from the foothills takes about 1 hour.

3) Schedule for June 22nd
7:30AM Departing from "Hana to Hahbu no Sato" (share riding the car)
8:30AM Arrival at the starting point of the trek to the mountain top.
9:30AM Arriving at the mountain top
10:00AM Thanksgiving ceremony by Mr. Shinnichi Deguchi, for the safe completion of Walk 9. Song and dance offerings.
12:00N Lunch at "Hana to Hahbu no Sato"
2:00PM Departing to the tree planting site
2:30PM Tree planting ceremony
5:00PM Talks by Mr. Takashi Masaki and the representative(s) of Walk 9
6:00PM Prayer, ceremony of lighting the fire. Candle night event

4) Many surprise artists are expected to perform at the candle night live stage
5) The distance between "Hana to Hahbu no Sato", Fukkoshieboshi and the tree planting site is over 10Km apart. Please help us to transport the participants between those places if you have a car.

6) The road to "Hana to Hahbu no Sato" is not easy. Please check the HP in advance.Ā@Ā@MAP PAGE

7) We will join Earth Day Rokkashomura at Oishi Undoh Koh-en (Oishi Sports Park) on June 23rd and 24th. It is about 15km from “Hana to Hahbu no Sato”. Please help us to transport the participants if you have a car.

8) Walk 9 will end at 12:00N on June 22nd.

Hope these information are good enough. Please forgive me for being late in announcing them. You know, when walking in a Walk like this, things don't get the sense of reality until it is in the tip of your nose. I am sorry for being like this to the last.

The Japanese people will then become a citizen of the World
Ā|9 aidĀ|

The world has gone to the extremes since the 9.11. The conservative and the rightist trend have strengthened in Japan and the political reform is now a reality in the government’s agenda. The focus of the constitutional reform is on the Constitution #9, which establishes the “abandonment of war”. The intention of those who want to reform that constitution is to change this country from a “country that will not war” into “a country that can war”.

The young generation that has instinctively understood the graveness of its meaning in the historical context has started to form groups and movements spontaneously, for evaluating the government’s agenda on Constitution #9. The trend is now rapidly spreading among people of all ages, all social classes and all forms of activities. Individuals and groups are forming connection at an impressive rate. It is no longer few isolated occurrences. The connection among people is creating a strong wave and a current of the times, just as if the seeds that spilled in the 60’s have felt the coming of the spring and is starting to sprout all over the place.

The case with Constitution #9 is not an isolated issue that only matters in Japan. It has a grave meaning to the entire world. If the Japanese people abandoned the Peace Constitution and choose to re-arm themselves, there may be a war. If such tragedy comes to happen it may trigger the worst kind of environmental destruction imaginable, the likes of one caused by a missile attack on the nuclear power plant. If, however, Japan opted for Peace, it will, no doubt, bring the best of hopes to the world. Not a single important world issue today can be solved by one country alone. What ail the world today, such as war and environmental issues, can only be healed if we free ourselves from our nationalistic causes and focus our mind to become a citizen of the world.

9 aid Ā| let us support the Constitution #9. If we are to call this spontaneous social phenomenon the “9 aid movement”, then it shall keep gaining momentum towards the ballot. Countless activities will ride the 9 aid wave to become the driving force for the Japanese people to vote for The Peace Constitution. On that day the Japanese people will become the citizen of the world. The impact of such action will become a big wave that can be tracked back to the “one earth movement” from the 60’s and will spread to the world.

There is no need to think of the 50% vote to save the Constitution #9 in our aid to the 9th. 5% will be enough, for those people that are for the peace and those that are for the arms race are currently split at 50:50. If the young people in their 20’s and 30’s, who did not attend the election in the past, cast their votes, we will have the needed 5% to win the race. It means that those young people, who otherwise may need to go to war, have the power to decide for the peaceful future of Earth.

Takashi Masaki
Spring equinox, 2007

Translated by Lucy Ishibe

Walk 9

The forest is almost consumed, as if swept by the fire. The hills are leveled and the landfill spreads everywhere. Scoop the earth and you will see that it is tired; look upward and you will see that the sky is tired; birds and insects that crawl on the earth are tired; the sea is tired; the scales on the fish's body has lost its luster and the people are breathless seeking salvation and healing. The spring that visits upon the children today is none other than the "Silent Spring" that Rachel Carson has foretold.

The Gods of nature such as The River, The Land and The Sea – they are all deeply hurt and ailing. The weeds, trees, insects, birds and the milliard of gods were made homeless because the forest was destroyed… So, I decided to do the pilgrimage from Izumo to Rokkashomura, paying visit to the homeland of the saddened godsĀ|from spring equinox to summer solstice. Alighting the tears in my heart, carrying saplings and musical instruments, planting and singing in the "Pilgrimage of Re-Connection".

The nuclear waste recycling plant in Rokkashomura is about to start its full operation. But that is a line that humans should not cross over in the shrine of the Mother Nature. The Mother Earth has been crisscrossed and stomped over by the money and the power; irreversible and meaningless destruction of Nature is being carried for the money… I stood in the dune on the beach across from where the U.S. military aircraft target practice and felt as if I heard the agonizing voice of the Father Neptune that was carried over by the tide. It was coming from the sea in the north, where they have already started discharging the radioactive waste.

There is another sacrilege that we should not commit on the lap of our Mother Nature. That is called war. Constitutional reform is a dangerous play. If Japan decides for re-arming, there will certainly be a war. If there is a war, the nuclear power plants will be sure missile targets. If the nuclear power plants are attacked, the worst kind of environmental destruction that can be imagined will happen. It will affect not only Japan. The world will become Chernobyl. Serious radioactive contamination will continue for thousands of years.

If, however, the Japanese people decide for renouncing the war, it will certainly give birth to Peace. It will be the beginning of the Era of the Earth. The dawn of this planet will begin when we renounce the arms. If the Japanese people voted for The Peace, that grave decision and prayer will reach the minds of people in the Korean Peninsula, then the people of the continent. It will spread from the South Eastern Asia to the entire Asian continent, to South America, Africa, the Middle East and to Europe. A "big wave" such as the one that happened in the ‘60's will happen again.

There is no need to think of 50% vote for winning the peace race. 5% will suffice, because the people that want to preserve the Constitution 9 and those that are for reforming it are currently split at 50:50. If only the young people in their 20's and 30's, who usually do not attend the election cast their votes, it will give us another 5%. It means that those young people are holding the key of the future. Don't think it can not be done, because it can. How? Such is the plan for WALK 9 that was devised as if guided by the starts and the instinct.

By Takashi Masaki
Spring equinox of 2007

Translated by Lucy Ishibe

Would you re-consider the name of the Japan Sea?

The President of Korea suggested to the Prime Minister of Japan that the Japan Sea might be called "The Sea of Peace", but the Prime Minister declined. Either way, this is not a matter for the leaders of these two countries to decide. Rather, the people of the countries that share this sea might gather together, slowly consider, and finally decide upon a name that they can all share.

Apparently, the Japan Sea is called the East Sea by those who live on the other side. But people in Japan can not call a sea that lies to the west, the East Sea. Similarly, it would be difficult for people on the continent to call it the Japan Sea. It is clear that such conflicting small world views are the cause of our wars. And for this reason, perhaps we need now to re-consider the name of this sea.

NGOs from the countries bordering this sea could gather ideas for a new name from their citizens. They could then join one another and the people of these (five) countries could decide together upon a name. If this action were to begin, the process itself could bring peace. So that the very sea that separates these countries, can become a rainbow bridge that connects them, how about creating an NGO to consider the new name of this sea?

Originator Masaki Takashi
Date March 4, 2007


Dear Mother, Those who live in the north,
call you the South Sea.

Dear Mother, Those who live in the south,
call you the North Sea.

Dear Mother, Those who live in the west,
call you the East Sea.

Dear Mother, Those who live in the east,
call you the West Sea.

They dispute over your name, whether it is the South Sea,
the North Sea, the West Sea, or the East Sea.

It is no wonder their dispute has no end,
because everyone is right.

The cities grew bigger, The forest smaller,
garbage piles swelled, as the ocean shrank.

Then finally, a war is about to happen.
Dear Mother, what really is your name?

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